International Tourist Trophy

2008. Waldinger Hotel was voted the best small hotel on the continent in the world according to the Trade Leaders' Club. The resulting awards International Tourism Trophy is an international award for excellence in the tourism, hospitality and catering industry.

Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia

Action "Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia" promotes the competitiveness and improved quality of products and services to businesses and individuals in the tourism sector of the Croatian economy. Nomination and awarding of prizes and awards to the best tourist destinations, hotels, camps, marinas, beaches, as well as prominent individuals and institutions creates a positive competitiveness in an increasingly demanding tourist market. Action "Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia" is traditionally carried out with the help of professional associations, the Association of entrepreneurs in hospitality of Croatia, Croatian Camping Union, and the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, the Association of marinas in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, and since last year action assessment destinations joined the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Waldinger Hotel **** since its opening in 2004 consecutive wins award for second best small hotel on the continent.

The objective of selecting good restaurants is to encourage long-term competitiveness and improve the quality of service in restaurants.

Selection of the best Croatian restaurants held since 2012, and the desire is annually produce objective and relevant national and regional top restaurants. The initiators of the action knew that one person or a small group cannot generate such a list and because of that, they formed a professional jury of five hundred voters from all Croatian. These are restaurateurs, chefs, wine and gastro journalists and bloggers, business people, tourism professionals and winemakers from all over the Croatian, in fact, most regular visitors of the restaurant.

The condition is only one, and it was a total pleasure or happiness index after leaving the restaurant. The choice of voters guarantees expertise and criteria to avoid the possibility that the overall assessment affecting elements such as the amount of investment in the renovation of the facility or media reputation of individual chefs.

Year after year, ranking on the charts leaves a deep mark on the culinary scene as the imaginary goal of the whole project. Ranking aims to encourage the competitiveness and long-term raise the quality of service in restaurants. 2014 along with national winners and restaurant wine friend add another category, chef of the year. The best Croatian chefs among themselves elect one of the best.

Restaurant Club Waldinger is continuously ranked among the top 100 national restaurants, among the three best regional restaurants, and in 2013 was voted the best restaurant of Slavonia and the Danube.