Lounge, a term that was originally marked the style of the modern, electronic music, and a special type of restaurant/bar, but today marks the new lifestyle of young businessmen and artists. Perhaps it is best described by Ben Watt, mastermind world famous group Everything But The Girl: “Lounge is not just music, lounge is a lifestyle, a unique intellectual artistic types and only they can fully understand. The lounge bar is the ideal place to relax, chill out after a hard day. ”

The lounge bar Waldinger, just space as described in the preceding sentences, located on the second floor of TC Portanova, since its opening has become one of the most visited places in Osijek and the surrounding area.
With its trendy selection of drinks and top quality wines and daily fresh pastries and cakes from our own production, has become a must-see place to relax in the daytime, while at night turns into a desirable place to hang out.

Frequent events, different, innovative and well thought out to the last detail, the famous singing and acting in the relax atmosphere Lounge bar Waldinger all guarantee a good time and fun.

At a time when stress is an everyday occurrence Lounge bar Waldinger is an oasis of relaxation, but again the place where the informal atmosphere born new projects or ideas. It is not an uncommon sight ”brainstorming” several business people or the lively discussion famous actors or singers.