We are here for you and we are always available.

An experienced team is dedicated to fulfilling all your wishes and demands to make the start of your life together a complete success and satisfaction. In order to allow you to devote to each other from the very beginning on this special day, contact us with full confidence and let us take care of you and your needs.

You can arrange the space yourself or allow us, in agreement with our expert associates, to choose floral arrangements, candlesticks and other similar necessary details.

Reception of guests

In order to welcome your guests in the best possible way, with the least amount of worry and effort, Hotel Waldinger**** can provide catering service for the reception of guests in your own home.
Besides the great selection of menus, our offer also includes the required cocktail tables, buffet tables, all the necessary utensils, glassware and exceptional service.

Even if you decide to hold your wedding reception at some other venue, but before that you want your family and friends to gather at one place, and you don’t have the right conditions at your home, we can offer our premises for that purpose.

Coffee house Waldinger offers a part of its space, which is completely separated from other guests, for your use, a place where you can greet your guests before the actual wedding ceremony, make a toast or treat them to wedding snacks and cakes. We can also offer the space of Restaurant Club Waldinger for the same purpose.

Your gathering can also take place in the courtyard of the hotel, in a romantic setting, filled with flowers and with a small fish pond with a fountain.